How To Make Big Moves Workbook

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After four international relocations, Sara Graham knows how to move. Her guidebook takes you through dealing with people, pets, paperwork and all the important moving parts of a relocation. Using contributions from all over the globe, and by providing her own real-life-learning tips, as well as favourite online sources, she fills the information gaps for those looking to move to another city or country.

And once you are ready to make a move, the Workbook provides 10 checklists and cheat sheets. Essential.

Inside you will find 34 pages that are meant to be printed and used to help you get through each step of the relocation process. 

  • Download and Disconnect List
  • Selling, Donating & Giving Away
  • Master Packing List
  • Shipping Declaration Form
  • Checking In and Setting Up List
  • Tracking Expenses
  • First Shopping Lists – Food & General
  • First Shopping List – Room x Room
  • Cheat Sheet for Recyclables
  • Chakra Cheat Sheet

Download the workbook in printable PDF format.